About Me

To be honest, I am adding this section so that you know you're dealing with a real person. I personally dislike profiles and sharing pictures of myself, but hey, so does everyone else.

My name is Augustus R. Glazier, and I wish to provide myself an artistic career. As impossible as that sounds, you can help me make those first, treacherous steps into the unachievable. I will compose great-sounding tracks for your game, and will do so for a fair price. I am willing to negotiate on pricing at this time, as I would like to help you achieve your dreams at the same time; we can both benefit from you purchasing my services.

If you are an indie developer with at least one game in your repertoire that I enjoy, I will provide a MASSIVE discount on composing for your team. It doesn't even have to be a game anybody's heard of! If I believe in it, and like what I see, I will show you that! THE MORE I BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU MAKE, THE LESS I WILL CHARGE.

I enjoy video-games very much, and I wish to make a living out of composing because I see video-games as an art! When you recruit me, you will not regret it. I am personable, communicative, and passionate about making a career and turning your project into ART!! What are you waiting for? Shoot me an email!!


If you are interested in recruiting me as a composer for your project, let me know by email.